Old paddler looking for help

I know this has probably been asked a thousand times before but I am looking for advice on purchasing a second hand canoe.

I already own a 20+ yr old Perception Dancer but I’ve grown to wide to get into and out it without effort.
I used to paddle rivers, sea / surf, a bit of touring and white water in it. I’d be looking for something with a larger cockpit that would work as an all rounder. I’m happy to buy an older boat but not sure where to start.
UK based so would appreciate any advice as it been a long time since I bought a Kayak.


For UK info look up Ray Goodwin: https://www.raygoodwin.com/

Greetings. I’m a canoe person so useless for kayak recommendations but I will say it’s very nice see more international participation on this forum. You might enjoy reading the recent thread entitled “looking for a 14-14.5 foot kayak”. The experts seem to like the Dagger Stratos 14.5. I may get my first kayak one of these days and it looks like a good one to consider. If you find any used kayaks in your area you could ask forum members for their opinions. Hopefully some of the kayak experts will chime in soon. Cheers.

@TomL I think you’d be the perfect person to help since the OP is looking to buy a second hand canoe.

Not sure if you caught his opening sentence.

The names change across the pond. A canoe being a Yankee kayak.

Oops. Red faced as I missed his last sentence. Sorry TomL!

OK deathoffleas. We can start with some standard questions. How much weight will the boat need to carry? How heavy of a boat do you think you can carry and transport comfortably? Do you have a budget in mind?

The paddlers’ group “Song of the Paddle” has a huge membership in the UK and their forums (like this one) are chock full of helpful folks – I posted some questions about kayaking in Yorkshire only about a week before heading their from the US 3 years ago and within hours received half a dozen replies including an invitation to paddle with the outing club in the very town where I was renting a cottage (in Malton)! There seem to be many more paddling clubs, many with their own boathouses and even “loaner” liveries in the UK compared to this side of the pond. You are likely to get good information, connect with other paddlers nearby and maybe get a line on some used boats that would suit your new purposes.

I had a great time on two outings with the very welcoming Malton club during my stay – t’was the highlight of my British vacation.