Old Sawyer Canoe - Seeking Info

I found an old Sawyer Canoe for sale online and was wondering if anyone knows anything about this canoe, or a value someone might estimate.

Here is a description:

It’s green, looks about 16’ long, maybe longer. On the bow, there is a sticker that say, “AuSable Canoes, Made by Sawyer Canoe Company, Oscoda, MI 48750” (not sure if the last number is a zip code or model number). It looks fairly narrow. The seller said it was pretty heavy. It has 2 white bucket-style seats.

I have pictures that were emailed to me (so I could email them to someone else if it would help), but it doesn’t appear that I can post them here.

I already got the history of Sawyer Canoes, but was looking for help primarily in identifying the specific model or what I could expect in its performance. Thanks!

We need overall length and both maximum and width at rail to have any chance of an ID.

Secondly, on the right stern, just under the rail is a 12 digit USCG code. What is that?

Hopefully someone will see this who has more intimate knowlege of the Ausable brand than I.

As I recall, Ausable was a price-point line made by Sawyer in the late 70s and maybe 80s. The hulls used less sophisticated laminates (heavier) to keep the price low. Bucket/tractor seats would have been standard.

Since it says “Sawyer. Oscoda MI” I believe this was from the second Sawyer (after Ralph Sawyer’s company).

Any evidence of a hull number at the stern?


Charlie is on the hunt!
You can expect solid info now.