Old Sawyer Canoe

Can someone help me?

I have an older Sawyer Canoe and would like to know:

  1. What year it was built
  2. What model it is

    3, What is it worth

    It is fiberglass and measures 18’L x 33"W x 12"D.

    It is yellow and has the following serial number:


It’s a '75

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The 775 indicates a 75 hull.

Something is incorrect. At 33" max width it might be a Lynn Tuttle designed Cruiser,except Cruiser was 17'10" or so. It could be Sawyers basic, general purpose 18 footer, except the width should be 36".

Call Superior/Sawyer Canoes
Call Scott Smth. He owns all the Superior Molds now. I bet he would know.


contact Scott Smith by phone at 517-526-3444


1975 Sawyer Choices
I think that there were only two 18’ Sawyers in 75.

The Guide Special had a flat bottom and cross ribs.

The Safari was a Guide Special with a motor box built into the stern.

They were both 36" wide.

If it is 18’6"there are more possibilities.


I am betting this is it,
and the extra 2" are from tape measure sagging.

Sawyer Canoe
I have a Sawyer Canadian which I bought from the Sawyer factory in Oscoda, MI in 1981. I still have their complete price list from 1981 and they show an “Outrage” model which was 18’ in length, 33" in width and 12 1/2" in depth…this is the only model shown which is close to your dimensions. This canoe is from their “Sawyer” line (which were hand laid as opposed to their “Oscoda” line which were cheaper and not made of hand laid fiberglass cloth). It was made in fiberglass or kevlar. Fiberglass weight was 69 lbs. and kevlar was available in two weights, 54 lbs. for standard and 44 lbs. for lightweight. The carrying capacity for this canoe is listed at 718 lbs. The cost in 1981 for fiberglass was $680.00 and for kevlar was $1260.00 F.O.B. Oscoda, Michigan. I hope this information helps you identify your canoe.


How much does the canoe weigh and where are you located