Old sawyer Question?

I recently raced the new River Racein upstate North Carolina. There was a Gentleman there with an interesting tandem Cruiser he said was a Sawyer. It had a pretty plumb bow, but not as plumb as a Jensen.

It had nice flare about 14-18 back from the bow. All the wood work was replacement.

The baby could not have been over 32 inches wide.

a little tumblehome, no concavity like a modern 4x32

the part that interested me was the stern was identical to the Shockwave. Anyone familiar with this old canoe?

Could this be it?

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The home page for picturetrail offered another catelogue with Sawyer's in it.
Here's advertising copy from it on the Cruiser:


Might want to check it out. Good old Google.

it was a sawyer championhull with home made replacement gunwalesa and thwarts. Really nice lines on it and it was stable enough to handle a fairly rocky river.Thanks for the link.

looks like an extra long shockwave, did you check out the size the paddles the girls are holding? jim

were those paddles
those girls were holding in the boat or were they wings? dang they were long.