Old school canoes for your viewing pleasure................

Wow. All yours?

Is that all? :stuck_out_tongue:

A few were sold; the vast majority are still in “my custody”.
2 boats I “truly” regret turning loose: an original Curtis Dragonfly & a Hemlock SRT/


https://d3s3k13islrvw7.cloudfront.net/original/2X/3/31b1aab9c0b46c28c45929b15b411440ee477b9a.jpeg “”)


Jesus saves, Moses invests; I buy, restore & paddle canoe.

You guys post some photos of old school beauties, if ya got any…

Is that a Blackhawk Ariel?

Curtis Nomad



In the first series of canoe porn, there is a Blackhawk Ariel (green in color) stacked in the middle of a wall rack, with a Blackhawk Starship (on top), and a Blackhawk Zephyr (on bottom).


The blue boat is an Ariel, which Pat C. now possesses. I possess the Dragonfly that Bob laments letting go. What, no pictures of the white MRC Courier you sold to Terry W., Bob? Do you still have that yellow MRC Screamer?

Here are a few old school whitewater canoes:

Dagger Encore in “Pepto Pink”:

Father and daughter in a Dagger Caption:

Dagger Prophet busting a hole on the Nanatahla:

Stressed out old fart paddling a twitchy MRC Twister slalom canoe:

Dagger Cascade C1:

Mohawk Viper 11:

Moderately crazed friend Dan P. (“Bookem Danno”) taking an Old Town Disco off a 14 ft drop:

Mad River ME:

Dagger Dimension:

1987 Kevlar Curtis Vagabond

1984 Kevlar Curtis Solo Tripper

Wenonah tuffweave Advantage

MRC Royalex Guide

1975 fiberglass Mowhawk

MRC Kevlar Explorer 16

1993 Swift Heron

Thanks for posting up some photos of old school beauties Pete,

(and others).
I’d never even seen a picture of a Twister before…

Terry bought my Mad River Courier, then flipped it in a heartbeat.
I think his search for the “perfect canoe” is ongoing.
Hate to burst his bubble; there is no such canoe.

Am sending along photo of the Courier.
Yes, I still have the yellow, Mad River Screamer.
JoAnne in Mohawk Solo 14 on the Buffalo.
Jesus is coming bus on the road to the North Fork of the White

Here is a Curtis Dragonfly on the Slippery Rock Creek in western PA (not Bob’s former boat)


Old Wenonah Jensen WWC1 downriver canoe:

Hemlock Shaman:

Dagger Phantom and a Dagger Ocoee:

(captions are backwards for Curtis Dragonfly and Jensen WWC1 and I can’t seem to fix)

Never had a canoe but if I think of the word the picture in my mind is an aluminum one by Grumman like picture #2 with rivets. May be because I am from Long Island where Grumman was located. Nice pictures here thanks!

yatipope’s Wenonah Royalex Vagabond on Cedar Creek

on Tyger River

His Royalex Mohawk 14 on the Enoree

His Dagger Royalex Sojourn on the Broad

off the Enoree

His Mohawk Royalex Odyssey on the Tuck

on Turkey Creek

on the Saluda

This canoe belongs to a friend of mine. He prefers the old canvas covered wood canoes. This one is estimated to be 100 years old and re-covered three times. He regularily paddles it on club trips. The original builder is unknown. Yes, it is heavy. It paddles nice though.

Old school all the way. (Mainly a kayak guy, but I appreciate seeing all these wonderful old canoes.)
And pblanc: That Pepto boat be out of sight :smiley:

Overstreet is that a Merrimack Baboosuc?

@kayamedic said:
Overstreet is that a Merrimack Baboosuc?

I don’t know how old Merrimack canoes are, But a friend I know paddles what he said is a Merrimack solo Baboosuc which is a modern canoe without a canvas exterior. This is a photo of Kevin’s canoe on a Lake Hartwell near Anderson, SC June 2015.