Old Style Wenonah Foot Brace?

I have a older, early 80’s Wenonah Kevlar cross rib canoe. There are 2 wood parallel slats just in front of the rear seat, which I’m assuming are for a foot brace. How would the foot brace attach, there are no marks on it. If I decide to put the new adjustable brace in it, should I rivet it through the hull or do a SS base stud epoxied to the kevlar? If I rivet it in , I was thinking of adding a layer of Fiberglass where the rivets are.

I have a 1979 wenonah jensen solo with the same style foot brace. The original brace was an aluminum bar about 1" diameter with 2 holes drilled in it that you screw into the wood, probably with Stainless steel screws. The original was only about 12" long ans stopped well short of the sides. I made a new one at work out of aluminum tube that extends almost all the way to the sides and its much better. Id like to have the standard wenonah slider in it. maybe one day ill install one but the original works fine too.