Old Time Tripper....

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My mom has a Old Town Tipper Canoe 1989, and we were wondering what it was worth. We want to sell it, since it has collected dust since my dad died 3 1/2 years ago, but we don't know really where to begin. Any ideas what it would be worth.
Ingore the subject of time..I meant town sorry!

If the ends aren’t banged up and if
the gunwales aren’t cracked, then you might clean it up and ask about $550 to start with. The Royalex is kinda old, but probably still has good life in it.

I had a 1980 Tripper with one cracked gunwale and glass skid plates I put on the damaged ends. I sold it for $350 in 1999, but I really should have asked a little more.

depends on condition
I tend to over-value them, but I think $550 would be a good price to move it. Maybe $700 if you will wait a while. Legendary design.

Kinda depends on where you are, too.