Old town 15 Camper


I would like some input on the Old town

fifteen foot Camper 36 beam flat bottom and I think 14

foot 10 inches long.

I am looking at one but would like pros and cons.

Thank you

I have a camper 16

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that I bought with rotted seats/thwart and converted it to a solo beater boat. What do you intend to use the boat for? Normal lakes/rivers?
The boat would be alright for 2 small paddlers, less than 200lbs, but add gear and you probably will want a bigger boat. Alot better boats are out there.

15 camper
I just need a multi purpose boat but mostly for fishing

I am usually out alone. I plan on using s trolling motor too. I am on lakes and rivers there will be times where I am would only be paddling.

Thanks for Your Help


I see
That boat will work great for that. If it is only you fishing take out the tandem seats and install a center seat or kneeling thwart. Spread the boat out by using a wider seat and thwart to increase the boat’s manuevability. That will give more room for gear and that trolling motor battery. I really like my camper for its intended purpose.


Here Are Some Reviews
As I recall, the Pathfinder was the earlier name for the Camper 15. I paddled one one time and it felt very sluggish to respond to paddle strokes. IMHO there are better 15ish foot boats to paddle solo and fish out of. The Mad River Reflection 15 (previously made by Dagger) being the best for that purpose that I’ve paddled. Or, if you can find a used Bell Angler. Although a bit wider, it handles and paddles easier.

Here’s your reviews: