Old Town 18.5' Columbia

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Was jus' offered a 1987 fibberglass 18.5' Columbia tandem canoo in excellent condition fer cheap (like ah' need a'nudder one). Seems ah' kin'na find any details on dis here internet fer dis canoo. Any o' ye knows anythin' about dis here model? Thanky kindly.


A Columbia in Columbia
Thats very interesting because I just saw a NEW Blue Old Town Columbia tandem fiberglass canoe here in Columbia SC. Same One? If I had the cash,…I would definately buy it because it is gorgeous and looks to be a great paddling boat.

Old Town Columbia

This was one of Old Town’s best paddling composite canoes. Most similar hull would be the Wenonah 18’ Sundowner. It listed in the 1990 buyers guide at 18’ long ,34" width, 32.75" at the waterline, 20.25" deep at the bow and stern, and 12.25" deep at center. Fiberglass hull listed at 59#, kevlar at 54#. Too heavy and too expensive at the time to compete with Wenonah and Sawyer.

The Columbia was replaced by the 18’6" Northern Lite by 1993, so any hull will be pushing 20 years old now.

It would be a great canoe for the Adirondacks, not so good in the Piney Barrens near you. Goes great across lakes and down big rivers like the Delaware; could be a handful on the Mullica.

Have a great Christmas,


Thanky kindly, Bill

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Dats what ah' wuz lookin' ta find out. Coodn't pass up dis deal. De one boat ah' ain't got be a tandem lake boat - 'till now. Thanks a'gin.

An' ye an' yer kin have a joyous Christmas an' a healthy an' happy New year too.


Like it?
Hey Elmo have you had a chance to paddle the Columbia enough to give an opinion. There is a store here in Columbia SC that has a NEW one found in an attic without a scratch on it. The wood is a little weathered now after sitting for years without treatment but otherwise the 26 yr old boat is virtually new!