Old Town Acadia - 80s


Can anyone confirm for me what these mid 80s Acadia Old town canoes were made of?

What do you value this at, for one that is in very good condition?

Any links to info about this model would be great.




Thanks, I had seen this. I was just hoping someone else could confirm this for me.

I am debating buying a new Saranac 160 for 600$ can or an older Acadia, used but in very nice condition, asking 600$ can.

Can anyone offer an opinion?

no comparison
The Acadia was Royalex

The Saranac is polyethlene… Heavier and not as long lasting Those seats preclude portaging and you cant solo backwards from the bow seat.

Frankly whoever is asking $600 CDN for a thirty year old boat has a reality check coming however…

In the US about $300.

Thank you. I will wait him out, but royalex canoes are very hard to find in my area.