Old Town Acadia

What’s it worth?

I have a friend cleaning out his garage and he was wondering what this old boat is worth. Made in 1985, decent shape with no damage. Any suggestions for an asking price?



1984-85 OT Acadia 16’=10"

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.... if it's like ours , it's a Royalex canoe . If it's very clean and the skin is in very good condition like ours w/o cuts or wear throughs like ours ... then I'd say $400. is a fair price .

The Acadia was offered by OT as a kit canoe . You got all the parts and a bare haul , and completed the installations yourself . If you could use a drill and pop rivit gun properly , you ended up with a nice neat canoe at a savings over the factory finish canoes .

The Acadia also came in a 14' something model as well ... we have the 16'-10" model .

It's a nice canoe . Only complaint is the seats are the old flat ones filled with flotation , the floatation is great but the flat seats were a bit hard on the tail bone after awhile ... so I sculpted the bow seat like a tractor style and glassed in the sculptured butt area , and I use a cushion on the stern seat . But if someone really wanted to , they could just change the seats to whatever they wish .

Our Acadia is fairly stiff , not rigid or brittle , no oil canning and has good speed and handling qualities for a semi high volume canoe ... the older Rx seems heavier and tougher than the newer Rx , and I like it that way .

$ 400. as a min. is what I think , good solid canoe in mountain rivers .

Hey you'allllll

That was about where I was thinking but I was unfamiliar with the specifics of the Model. His is the 16’10" one though.


your welcome …

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..... some years back Old Town sent me via email , the original advertisement for the 1984 Acadia . The topic came up (because I have an Acadia 16'-10") while I was talking with them and the tech. guy offered to send it to me , so I said sure that would be nice .

Just mentioned this because your friend could probably ask OT to send it to him also (original 1984-85 Acadia avert.) . They are real friendly folks and seem to enjoy answering questons and doing little things like that for people who call them on the phone .

Their # is ... 1-800-343-1555 , could even be helpful with selling it ... I personally think they're pretty nice canoes .