Old town allagash? Reviews./ is this canoe worth the 500 asking?

First time buying a canoe, looking for something capable of going lakes/rivers (no whitewater), as well on moderate camping trips (long weekends, nothing over a week, likely just long weekends), as well as for fishing and hunting (deer). Basically i need a good all round canoe, that is durable, and not too heavy to portage short distances (1/4 mile max, likely distances will be under 1/8th mile).

I found this canoe, seller claims it is a old town allagash 15’ unknown material, weight, and age. Do any of you know what material this is made of (poly, royalex, or fiberglass),as well as what its weight is (owner is 70 miles away, bit of a hike with no info beforehand (google is showing me old town penobscots, not allagashes), do any of you have any idea as to the weight/material/ if these pictures raise any concern for damage?

From what I’ve found with my Google Fu is the alladash wasn’t a 15’. The 164 is the smaller of the two. He might be mis remembering the length. Hope this helps

According to the reviews on this site it’s a versatile, stable, indestructible canoe.

75 pounds is heavy. If you are strong and plan to use a trailer or drag it into the bed of a pick-up truck that might be OK. If you have to lift it to load it you may not like it and may not use it.

Ok, so its a good canoe besides its weight.

One more question, because i do not have a spot to store it in summer besides on top of my trucks ladder rack, how bad is uv exposure for old towns poly canoes. I know it is not great, but how bad is it?

For long term storage in the off seasons i would be able to store it in the garage at a family camp, although that is a few hours from where i live so thats not an option for storage during the summer.

Hey there – I just bought this same canoe. Mine is a 2003 model in great shape. To answer your storage question, spray on, let soak, then wipe off Protectant 303. You can get it online, AMZ, etc. Good stuff on plastic to protect against UV. Re-apply every month or so. You can also use a good spray/wipe auto or marine wax. I just began using Turtle Wax’s Ceramic Hybrid spray wax. That stuff is awesome on my Jeep. I’ll try it on my hull as well. Just be sure to apply anything in the shade and when the hull is not hot to the touch, Don’t let the stuff dry or it’ll look like crap. But, that’s all there is to it. Whatever you put on the hull regularly will help “feed” the hull material and keep it from further damage. Just need to keep up with it.

Summer rays of the sun are the most damaging. You need to cover your boat. Put it on saw horses in a protected location with a cover on it.

I have two Old Towns, a mid 70’s fiberglass and a newer Guide 119 in Poly. Both spend all year in the sun, although in a reasonably shaded spot for at least part of the year and both are holding up well.

My older one weighs in at 84lbs and while I can solor it, including portages, it sucks. I car top is and it is a challenge loading and unloading, although the stability in the water is absolutely amazing.

If your budget is $500, you aren’t likely to get anything lighter. You’ll need to add a grand to get down to around 50 lbs

I just bought a kevlar canoe for $250. It needs a couple of small repairs. It weighs 49 pounds.

I would say that is an out of the ordinary good deal

I have owned around 9 canoes, Wenonah, Old Town wood and canvas, Sawyer, Old Town kevlar, Sawyer kevlar, Mad River, and a Bell Canoe Works boat. I have never spent over $500 for any of them. In today’s dollars maybe more like $800. You just have to shop hard and be willing to do some minor repairs.

not sure the OP is still around. UV is not an issue here in Maine where I think he is. The canoe is a classic river boat.

We have so many frigging trees the sun has a hard time.

I just bought an excellent condition OT Allagash (renamed the Penobscot 164 the following model year) for $200. I only replaced the brass deck name plate on the front bow, cleaned the entire boat, re-poly’d the wood, and called it a day. It’ll be my back-up/guest canoe, but deals can be found. Yes, it’s a heavy boat, but it will be used on a creek/river and simply pushed off the bank in to the water. Before that I bought an even better condition OT Discover 158 with 2 new Bending Branches Arrow wood paddles and a PFD – all for $200. That one, I cleaned it, replaced on OT decal, and flipped it for $400 two weeks later. And, I kept the paddles :slight_smile: Deals can be found. Just have to keep your eyes peeled for 'em.