Old Town Angler XT

Does anyone have any information about this kayak? It is apparently exclusive to Canadian Tire. I am a beginner kayaker that will be primarily paddling on a closed, reasonably quiet lake in the Muskokas. I am about 5’8" and weigh 150lbs.

I know it’s inexpensive. Does that mean it is no good?

Thanks for any help.

If is a nine and one half footer
its an Old Town Otter XT packaged with a rod holder or two, maybe colored camo or a green. Its a decent small kayak for sheltered waters and small lakes/ponds.

And adding: I don’t generally like “angler” editions, as I’d rather get a base model and add my own customizations. But that’s a matter of personal preference. There’s nothing wrong with “angler” editions.

Old Town doesn’t make junk.

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True on all counts
But, I’m disappointed in OT just the same. Apparently, the Loon is no longer availble in Polylink, its now single layer poly. I expected that there would be a weight savings, but the Loon 138 weighs the same as my pre-2006 Loon, 57 lbs…fells like 157 when loading it on my truck racks, no fun lifting it 6.5 ft.

i know my kayaks
lady in nova scotia here i love mine …I fish in it all the time. dont be acared of it most stable easy to use. old town good product been around many years have fun play safe…cougar

Old Town Angler XT

I have had this Kayak a little over a month now. I’m not really into fishing but my boyfriend suggested that I join him.

This Kayak handles very easily, has a nice padded adjustable seat for long trips, and lots of storage in the back, it even has a cup holder! I use my kayak for the ocean as well as ponds and lakes. Very Stable

I’m normally use a canoe but after having this kayak i would not go back!

It isn’t the most beautiful kayak but it is definitely worth the $$