Old Town Appalachian.....

Anyone know how much rocker the Appy has? The web site says “maximum” rocker. Would that be 3"?

Don’t know about the 3". It has a good
deal of rocker, but compared to what I paddle, I don’t think the Appalachian would be considered an high rocker boat. That may be just as well. Some people have even said they could pole it. Genuinely high rocker boats aren’t for poling.

Seems like 3
is too much. I want to say 2" of rocker but not positive. I narrowed my choice down to the Appy and the Nova Craft Prospector. I went with the NC Prospector 15. That has 2" for sure.

Thanks (NM)

Appalachian rocker
My Appalachian has 2 1/2" of rocker (measured 12" from the 4" waterline).

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I pole my Appy as well as my Esquif Canyon that has 4.5" of rocker and I have no issues poling either unless I’m fighting with the wind.