Old Town Camper 14?????

Came across an ad for an Old Town Camper 14. It’s only $400. I did a google search and only came up with a Camper 15 and Camper 16. Did Old Town ever make a Camper 14?


I don’t believe so , but tou could …
… call or write Old Town and ask them to be sure .



There’s also the possibility the seller is mistaken about the length . Does the canoe say Old Town and have Camper on it ??

I Believe the Camper 15…
…is 14’8" or 14’10", so that may be the reason the seller listed it as 14’. If I’m not mistaken, the Camper 15 is the same boat as the earlier OT Pathfinder of the '80’s-90’s. Old Town could tell you for certain, but pretty sure that the person is selling a Camper 15. WW

if it is the original royalex…
The 94’ Royalex hull is/WAS! rather flat and oilcanned.

Penobscot16 was a much more solid(somewhat different hull design)


IMHO, the Pathfinder was the slowest, most prone to oilcanning hull I ever paddled. Stable enough to stand up in, though. WW