Old Town Canadienne 172

Hey everybody, I am looking to buy my first canoe. I’ve found an Old Towne Candienne 172 fiberglass for sale for $300. I don’t know anything about this model. Does anyone have any experience with these? I haven’t seen the canoe yet and it’s a bit of a drive to where it’s located. I’m just wondering about the materials used for the seats, gunwhales, etc. Are these made of wood or aluminum generally? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks,


they came with both
aluminum or wood rails. Its a fine family tripping boat.

Did you read the reviews under the Reviews section here?

Old Town Canadienne
Yeah I read the reviews and it sounds like a nice canoe. I did manage to see a picture of the canoe and it looks like it’s got aluminum rails. It seems like it’s priced pretty good at 300$.

Nobody else out there has anything to say about the Canadienne? From the reviews it sounds like it’s a great canoe. I’m surprised that nobody wants to chime in.

Nobody has
chimed in because we are all green with envy. That model is a classic, likely the best hull shape Old Town ever offered other than some of their wood/canvas canoes. The only down side is that it is a little heavy in fiberglass compared to a new kevlar boat. Enjoy it, take care of it and it will serve you well for years.


I haven’t
bought it yet so don’t be to envious. I’m 100$ short and the guy won’t come down any on the price. I’m trying to come up with it though before it gets sold on me.

Run, Don’t Walk
That price is unreal for IMHO THE best boat Old Town ever built. Almost bought one in 1990 but couldn’t afford it at the time. By the time I COULD afford it, OT quit making them. Every one I’ve found has been beat up AND/OR exorbitantly priced. I’ve seen some that looked like they’d been dragged down a gravel road with an asking price of $1000.

It has a shallow arch with traditional upswept stems. Initial stability is less than secondary, but it is not uncomfortably “Tippy” even for novices. Not “Fast” by racing canoe standards, but easy to propel. Just a “Fun” canoe, that I would love to own myself; but I don’t because I’ve not found one in decent condition that wasn’t a rip-off.

If you buy it and don’t like it I’ll buy it from you and throw in another $50! WW

rice and beans beans and rice

This stinks
You guys are really making me want this boat. Is there anyone else out there that thinks this boat is tippy? I plan on getting my wife and 2 year old daughter on this thing and I don’t really want to go for a swim. I also plan on fishing from it (as often as possible). That is if I manage to buy it.

You found a great deal and support
that confirms that and it “Stinks”? Get the boat, get out and paddle it, and if you hate it, you’ve already got an offer above to make $50 on the deal. Just do it already. You’ve nothing to lose. . . .


did OT stop making them? Because it was a “good” canoe? Sorry, just bitter after all the plastic crap they make nowadays. Closest thing now is a Koru. Buy the damn canoe, meet his price.

YakOfSteel you misunderstand me
It “stinks” because I can’t seem to come up with the extra money. I appreciate all of the info you guys are giving me. And if I don’t have the canoe, at the very least it’s fun to talk about with you guys anyways.

Sounds like it’s a deal worth “finding” the extra c-note. Good luck.


sshelton, “tippy” is not an issue.
The ancestors of the Canadien were designed back in the 60s and 70s by people like Ralph Frese and Howie Labrant who wanted speed and efficiency.

We bought a Moore Voyageur in '73, a modification of a Labrant design that had more arch in the bottom than the Canadien. We and our two children never had any problem with the so-called tippiness. These boats have great secondary stability. I stood and poled the boat for years with no problem. The notion that “tippy” is a problem in a suburban myth.

Thanks G2D
I appreciate the input

Borrow if possible
Sounds like a good deal. It is OK to borrow when its for a canoe. I think Ben Franklin said that in his later years!

I own a Canadienne 16 which is a dandy small tandem and solos nice as well.

Here is a link to Chicagoland Canoe Base:


I’ll have the money for the canoe this weekend. I have a question though for anyone who knows the answer. The guy with the canoe says it was used as a display in a bar and it had a couple of holes drilled in it. He says they were patched with fiberglass and epoxy. Should I be worried about that? I just don’t know anything about repairing fiberglass canoes and I was hoping someone could fill me in. Thanks

No Problem!!!
Repairs on fiberglass are easy, and the patching of drilled holes need not be done in any particular way for the patch to be satisfactory. If you don’t like the way the patches were done, you can cut them out and do it yourself. A bunch of folks on here can give good advice on repairing fiberglass. The fact that it was a display boat, INSIDE (meaning out of direct sunlight) is a promising indication that the boat might be in very fine shape.

Thanks GuideBoatGuy
Cool! I was hoping that wouldn’t be a big deal. Seems like it shouldn’t be a problem as long as they’re patched good.

It’s Mine!!!
I finally bought the Canadienne. I haven’t gotten it on the water yet though. It took 7 hours for the round trip and I’m done for today. Holy crap I need to get some kind of system for car topping this thing. I was a nervous wreck all the way home watching that thing slide around. I’ll get it out pretty soon though. It seems like it’s in good shape. There’s a little work needs to be done on it and it’s a little scratched up on the bottom but she’s solid. Can’t wait to get it out. Later!