Old Town Canadienne - Yay for me!

Just scored an Old Town Canadienne 17 in great shape for a great price. Look out BWCA, here I come! :smiley:

Uh-oh, first a kayak, now a canoe … is the gear thing starting? :-/

So, what’s your question? Or is this

Question or suggestion? Neither
Firstly, an expression of joy for the find of a rare deal on a fine piece of equipment.

Secondly, a mock realization and fained concern that I may be starting on the road to becoming a paddling gear head. Not going to, was just an attempt at some comic levity … apparently a failed attempt. No worries, I’ll keep my day job.

A kayak and

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"a" canoe? Oh grasshopper, the journey has just been started.
Congrats on the find. It's a start, and a good one. Keep up the detective work, and you'll progress on your journey, and years back think about what a great trip it's been.

Advice though?
You have a fine boat. Advice is watch your wallet!

As you get older you will …never get rid of that boat. And seek a lighter boat for the Boundary Waters Hiking Park.

Good advice, ‘watch wallet’ … but,
I don’t have any duluth packs. Will need a couple of those. And near as I can tell, just one paddle type won’t do … I’m all outfitted for backpacking, and have most of the things I need for my extended yak trips … but then again, a canoe is a different animal. I’ll just have to get ‘canoe’ things. heh-heh :wink:

The canoe is just a different form of transport to do what I do anyway without one. Just wanted to add a different element to the wilderness experiences I’ve been enjoying for the last 40 years or so of my life.

…And she’s pretty too!

Maybe it’s just my version of the response to my mid-life crisis? … and a helluva lot cheaper than a Ferrari! :slight_smile:

Ferrari? Ferrari?
You don’t need no steenking Ferrari. That Canadienne will take you places a Ferrari never will.

You were kidding about the BWCA
Right? I would not want to be portaging a Canadienne up there unless I had a very strong partner. I would get gassed toting those 35 to 40 lb boats they rent up there, much less a 70 pounder.


Considering my local normal yaking spot requires an approximate 75 rod portage before getting wet, that my yak weighs 56 lbs … plus the anchor and a few pounds more of fishing gear, water, etc., and that my current carry system is my right shoulder, I’m really hoping 70 lbs on both my shoulders via a yoke is going to feel a lot nicer. (fingers crossed!)