Old Town Canoe advice purchasing

Hey! I am trying to buy a used old town canoe.
Right now I have an old 17 foot aluminum beast.

I have looked at some Discovery 158’s. I have rented those before and I know they are stable and heavy.

I have found some decent deals on some that I can’t really find info on or determine if they are good. We are doing a mix of flat water and some river trips with minor whitewater.

Anyone have any ideas or inputs about this canoe. I could get it for $300. Seller doesnt know model but says it is fiberglass

This old town camper I could possibly get for $500

So any advice between the Discovery, unidentified fiberglass one, or camper?

Thanks so much!!

I would go with the Camper as a first choice, it will be about 20 lbs lighter than the Discovery since it is Royalex. The Discos as #2 choice. Both are nice and are very similar except for the weight. The 158 was my first canoe and the only reason I parted with it was because it was heavy and I was getting older. You would be happy with either. They both work well on river trips, and will do fine in light Class I or I+ whitewater with a load. The fiberglass boat is pretty, but probably old and if you are in shallow rivers, it will require more maintenance.

The FG boat has seats that cannot be replaced easily and you will have a repair nightmare if one breaks. The Camper is a proven good small tandem canoe and as Royalex is no longer available it is worth the asking.