Old town canoe parts help!

-- Last Updated: Nov-07-15 4:45 PM EST --

Hello. New to thread. I recently got an Old Town Discoverey 164 canoe. I am really struggling to find the parts I need. I'm looking for the black rails that go the full length of the canoe. It might help ifi knew the technical name of them. It was a surprise for my youngest son, and hope to have it fixed up by spring. Thanks for any help

They are called gunwales (pronounced gunnells).


Our local dealer here in CT had them in stock when I needed a set a couple of years back. That would be Collinsville Canoe and Kayak. You’re also going to need quite a few 3/16 rivets that they will probably ship you from Old Town.


Find an Old Town dealer in your area
If you need to completely replace the gunwales you will likely need to order them through a dealer. Even if Johnson Outdoors will sell gunwales to you direct, you will find that the shipping costs on these long and easily damaged items is prohibitive, often many times the cost of the gunwales themselves.

If you order them through a dealer that sells OT canoes, you can have them shipped when the dealer receives a canoe or canoes from Old Town and sometimes the shipping if free. The downside is that you will need to wait until the dealer receives such a shipment and will need to go to the dealer to pick them up. Since winter is approaching, you might well find yourself waiting till next spring.

Are the gunwales damaged? Often damaged gunwales can be repaired more easily than completely replacing them. If you think this is a possibility, post some pictures of the damage on an online photo site and provide a link here.

Thanks everyone. I’ll look into these options.