Old Town Canoe

A friend of mine’s father is selling his Old Town Canoe. I’ll have more detail in a day or two. So far wha I know is vintage 1974, cedar construct but not sure if canvas or FG contruct. Do not know the model yet. Condition is very good but no photo’s yet. I may have to go and look at it (local) and perhaps buy at a fair price.

Anyone with greater knowledge of OT canoe history that can give me some insight regarding likely layup and potential value? Would be appreciated. As said, will get more detail hopefully in the next few days.


you can get the build record

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from WCHA once you find the serial number. It wont reflect anything done since build by the owner..


There are some interesting links on this page.


Wood and Canvas
Hello Wes,

Looks like you’ll be a potential recruit for our local WCHA chapter. If you are interested, send me an e-mail and I will get you in contact with some of our local WCHA chapter members with a ton of knowledge about wood and canvas restoration.