old town canoe

I just bought an old town 17’4" discovery canoe.I noticed the bottom is caved in, in the middle.Aparently this is common to this canoe.Is there any way to fix this (with a metal strap eg.)or does it not matter for the beginner paddler?

Thanks John

I sure hope this is a used older one
you are talking about.

Just leave it the way it is and paddle it and enjoy it.

If you like paddling, you’ll be looking for a better one shortly any way.



Aparently this is common to this canoe
who told you that?

If the bottom is hogged its going to be slow and difficult to turn.

I have seen OT Discos hogged but more not hogged. Its not an OT thing per se. Its certainly not a design feature. OT Discos are pretty common here in Maine…

Did you buy it from an OT dealer or the seconds sale or a private sale?

What you can try is to put a substantial
minicell solo saddle between the bottom of the canoe and the center thwart. Possibly the saddle will need to be supported by a thwart at the rear edge of the saddle. Mohawk has some pre-made saddles, otherwise you can make your own. (I did in '73.) The more length of the support provided by the saddle, the better the correction of the “pooching” upward of the hull.

There are other ways of providing such support, but a minicell saddle provides added flotation, a center seat, and even can be carved to provide a portage yoke.

I don’t know who told him that, but
I’ll tell you that it is.

Take a look at most of the older ones, and you will see the big “oil can” in the bottom of most of them.

jack L

a guide friend of mine has some and no hogging.

I’m thinking that this canoe spent a lot of time laying on the ground rather than being stored upside down on the gunwhales. Try this, if you havent already. Leave it out in the sun, gunwhales up, with something to support the bow and stern about a foot from each end to encourage the belly to sag. When it heats up in the sun it may return to shape. Ater that proper storage upside down on the gunwhales will maintain the shape. OT wont mark a boat as blemished with this sort of condition as it will affect performance, and it’s not a condition common to that hull unless improperly stored. Try the sun trick and let us know.

that canoe is a good rental tanker
so like it was already said if you like canoeing you’ll want a better boat. i bet most of us here started out with a dicovery of some length. a 174 is heavey as a wet moose but feels like a cadillac. after 2 169ers and2 158s i now have all royalex boat. i have seen a 2x4 laid up the middle with risers to the thwarts.

Haven’t found
anything that really works. I tried boiling waterin the past, didnt really help. The oil can will probably stay with the canoe. But, it isn’t really that big of a deal while paddling. May hurt resale a bit. I have learned to stay away from OT…

it ain’t OT
it’s that “superlink” or “polylink” material they use in the Discos, that causes that oilcanning. Local rental place sells their old one for usually $125 or so, foam showing and hogbacked as well. Royalex OT’s are fine, some are fine canoes.

I agree Dagermat, Old Town makes a fine boat. Their Royalex boats are wonderful, and the Discovery series…there’s a reason why most rental canoes say Old Town Discovery on them.I’mnot sure there’s a tougher boat made…heavy yes, but tough.