Old Town Cascade Price

What can I expect to pay for a great condition Old Town Cascade? I’d like a good starter canoe that is both good for tandem or solo. Not sure if the Cascade is what I need. Thanks for any suggestions!

whitewater boat
lots of rocker, catches wind, and slow on the flats.

If you are starting out you will be going in circles until you get your strokes learned.

What sort of water do you intend to paddle on?

Ah’s paid $900 brandy new

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fer mine jus' before OT stopped makin' 'em. Ah' dun't know... maybe $600 - $700 in 9+ condition. Little tight fer two full-size adults tandem. Ah' ripped out de tandem seats an' put in a saddle fer soloin'. Ah' calls it me mini-prospector!



Slow River Floater
I’ll be floating slow rivers and fishing for smallmouth bass. Turning one into a solo sounds like a good idea!

It will spin like a top

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if the wind comes up..can you steer a canoe pretty well with one hand on the fishing rod?

Its a good craft, not one I would call a "beginner boat"