Old Town Cascade

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Does anybody here paddle an Old Town Cascade solo? I just picked up a used one and I want to put a pedestal in the center and still keep the original seats.Does this boat paddle good solo? I bought to use on small creeks class I-III. Any ideas on where exactly to mount the saddle?


I have one
I have paddled it solo but I didn’t enjoy it solo. It was too much effort for me. I don’t have a pedastal in mine. I paddled it from the stern seat. I did try kneeling (tied a small cooler in front of the stern seat to lean back on and it was a bit more comfortable for me. Had I not bought another boat shortly after getting the Cascade I might have considered a installing a pedastal.

Notice that the OT Cascade is assymetrical. Wide at the back and narrow at the front. The problem for me was the rear of the boat was a bit too wide and flat and I couldn’t lean well. I’m short 5’4" and weigh about 150 so it might be different for a taller heavier paddler.

I bought it used with the intention of paddling it tandem or solo but as I said I bought another boat shortly after I purchased it. I do use it as a tandem if I want to take along a boatless frined. For tandem paddling a long legged person up front will be pretty “crunched up”. As the boat is under 15 feet in length doesn’t leave much up front leg room.

The boat I bought had only been used 3 or 4 times and was in almost new condition and I did get a good price.

I have recently acquired a 70 pound dog which I may try taking lake paddling some in the Cascade this summer. It might do better as a solo with additional weight up front.

Due the the assymetry the boat seems a bit squirelly to me in fast moving twisting rivers (but that may be due to the fact that I usually paddle my H2Pro which is an older whitewater boat).

If I didn’t have the other boat I might have fiddled more with my OT Cascade. Good luck - your experience may be different. It is a nice boat and I intend to hang on to mine. Post back on how it does if you install a pedastal.

I personally would not try class III in my OT Cascade and I’d definitely want air bags to do class II in it.

Just my opinion and as you can see from my profile I’m not an expert paddler.


Wha Ho, Pilgrim;

I have had a Cascade for about 8 years now, ripped out the tandem seats and installed a removable center seat and also an industrial velcro’d center foam pedestal. Obviously I paddle this canoe solo and consider it my mini-prospector. Handles well in WW, holds a good load, tracks Ok leaned over Canadian style. I like it…

Fat Elmo

Where did you mount your pedestal?

Mounted the pedestal a few inches aft of center, but I can move it fore and aft a few inches thanks to the velcro.

Fat Elmo

like it
I like the Cascade. Wish they were still around. I’ve only seen it as a tandem ww with seats. One guy around here used to paddle one solo, can’t remember if he had a saddle, I think maybe he used a kneeling thwart.

Anyway, depeneding on how big you are, the Cascade is a lot of boat for class III ww if want to be able to really work it solo. Not a playboat. For example, it’s quite wide for cross strokes. But it’s great, and you’ll make it work for what you want.

The saddle should go back of the centre line (measure the canoe from tip to tip and mark the centre on the gunwales with masking tape). When you sit up straight your chest should be behind centre, but you should be able to lean forward onto your knees and bring the bow down - you can test this by putting a broom handle or something under the centre line.

But don’t take my word. Before you glue it down, test the saddle position on the water and have an observer tell you how you’re trimmed. Or go with Velcro or straps for a moveable saddle.


I apreciate the information.Im not really looking to make a play boat out of it.I just want to go down some moving water and be comfortable.I just like paddling moving water and enjoying the scenery.

Thanks again

Mike C

I love it
I got my Cascade all outfitted and plopped it in the lake today for a test paddle.I think this is a great paddling boat,I really like it a lot.I installed a Mohawk saddle and thigh retainer a few inches back from center and installed airbags and cages and I also removed all the seats and made new thwarts that sucked the sides in about 3 inches and it works really good.