Old Town Cascade

There’s an Old Town Cascade on Ebay that has caused me to take a second look. I was wondering if anyone has paddled both the Appalachain and the Cascade and could speak of their differences. I have an Appalachian and was thinking about buying the Cascade as my solo fishing canoe. A Freedom solo currently occupies that job description.

Thanks in advance


Ah’ gots a OT Cascade an’…

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it be one great boat. A "mini Prospector" be wat ah' thinks of it an' actually has similar lines. A big mistake dat OT/Johnson made waar ta discontinue productoon of dis hull. Lucky ah' got one of de last ones made an' ripped out de tandem seats an' coonverted it ta a solo by installin' a Mohawk pedestal, thigh straps an' bagged out.

Dis canoo will spin on a dime... makin' it a very good stable river/moderate WW solo boat in me oopinion (a wee bit wide but more than acceptable fer a larger pilgrim). Trackin' ain't bad wit a little heelin' either.

Ah'll post some daguerreotypes of me outfitted Cascade tomorrow fer ye.

Now comparin' it ta a Appy.... De Cascade be a little over a foot shorter an' narrower. Wat little knee time ah' gots in me new Appy so far leads me ta notice a similarity in handlin', but de Appy be a bigger canoo.

Me oopinion - de Cascade be one o' dem boats ah' ain't never gon'na git rid of.

Fat Elmo

In what way do you think the Cascade
might be an improvement over the Freedom Solo? More room to move around and about?

solo camping
I think the Cascade would work better for solo canoe camping and posssibly add a little more stability for mindless fishing. I absolutely love the Freedom solo and probably don’t need the Cascade, but when you see a well made canoe for sale near you, the will power starts to dissolve.

OT Cascade set up fer solo…





Looks Great
Fat Elmo,

Did you do the outfitting yourself? Looks great! If the canoe comes my way, I’ll have to decide if I want to keep the seats in, or set it up in a similar fashion. Thanks again for the photos


Yup!. Did it me’self…
De pedestal is removable - industrial velcro strips on de bottom. Ah’ kin’ switch in a bench seat in at any time.


so Det. Dan , did you win it ??
… I almost decided to make a top dollar bid on it in the last seconds … but didn’t .

I’m an Old Town fan to begin with , but I have another aquired canoe to spend time with this year already . It’s an 84 Old Town (16’-10") in roylex , simular features to a Cascade or Appy .

Didn’t win

Well, I didn’t win the Cascade, but it’s probably for the best. I couldn’t justify raising my bid when I have two great river canoes already… but that Cascade sure looked nice. I hope the buyer really enjoys it!

That boat
looked like it didn’t have a scratch on it. I bid on it as well but got beat at the last second.Whoever got it…got a nice boat at a sweet price. I really didn’t need it either, since I already have a Nova Craft Prospector 15. I am a sick man bidding on boats I don’t even need. LOL Since Cascades only come along once every blue moon…it’s back to searching for a $500 Appalachian. :slight_smile: