Old Town Castine

I am considering an Old Town Castine. I presently paddle a Loon 111 and am very happy with it. I paddle still water and calm rivers. I fly fish from the kayak. I feel that I want just a little more boat and I like the sealed hatches. Any comments would be most appreciated.

used to own both
Well, actually a Castaway and a Loon 111, but the Castaway is the same hull as the Castine, just without hatches.

Between those two boats, the Loon 111 wins hands down for a 'messing around on slow rivers" boat. It’s easier to turn, and the big cockpit actually comes in handy for easy access to gear.

The Castine will be faster in a straight line, but I can’t imagine fly fishing from one. Or do you simply use the boat to get to your destination, then get out and fly fish while wading?

If you can’t paddle one in advance, at least bring your gear and try getting in/out and loading your stuff in the hatches, etc.

I don’t own either of those boats now - I very quickly morphed into a dedicated whitewater paddler. I think now, if I wanted a quiet water boat, it’d probably be a canoe.

Old Town Castine
My wife has paddled her Castine for 2 years. Mostly at the NC coastal sound areas. She absolutely loves it. She also has a Tarpon 120 which she also enjoys. For fly fishing you might want to consider a Tarpon 120 or possibly a 140. Not as nimble or as pretty as the Castine but a great platform for flyfishing. It too has dry storage forward and open storage aft.

Castine is a nice
boat if your worried about the stability or wanting a bigger cockpit. Check the Adventure XL125. It’s 4" shorter and a hair wider with a bit bigger of a cockpit. It has the same bulkheads and has nice lines. Just a thought

Good Journey’s


OT Castine
I have fished from my Castine for 5 years now and have no regrets. I fly fish from it as well as spin cast. Nice boat. Fish on…

Third year for Castine.
This year will be my third year of fishing from my Castine. Out of three different kayaks this is my favorite and most comfortable kayak to fish from. I also have a Old Town Otter and a QCC 400.

The Castine is my favorite.

Thanks for replies re Castine
Thanks to all for the replies regarding the OT Castine.

Thanks for replies re Castine
Thanks to all for the replies regarding the OT Castine.