Old Town Cayuga 14.6 Cockpit problem

Recently acquired a 2007 Old Town plastic Cayuga 14.6 in mint condition at a deep discount. Sort understand why now. Experienced immense difficulty putting on the spray skirt, 1.7 (Seal) nylon. Notice the same challenge out of water in my attempt to put on a cockpit cover. Success only came about with assistance of an extra set of hands in each occasion. Is any one else with an Old Town (2007 or newer) experiencing this challenge? The 2007 Old Town is the new single layer plastic mold. The cockpit, at least the back lip appears way too rounded. This indicates to me why the spray skirt is such a challenge to attach.

Any recommendations? Intended use is out in the Chesapeake Bay with aspirations to roll. Cheers, Mark

Check the sizing chart on Seals website. They list the 2.2 for the boat you are dealing with. Trying to force a 1.7 on a 2.2 cockpit opening can be difficult. You may just need to start over with a new skirt.

skirt too small.

Size is wrong.
I absolutely agree, my Dirigo w/dash has the same opening, and it is not listed, so my outfitter had another boat with same dimensions and we ended up with a 2.2, or an extra large. Either way the larger opening is your problem with attaching skirt, keep at it it gets easier. The cover I use has an adjustable strap around the hull, and I strap it first which allows me to straddle the boat start the front, pull both sides to strap, and just under it, thus enabling you to work one side at time. Also have used a set of my daughters plastic clamp-like hair-do clips to hold one side as I gradually work each side. Shhhh…she is still looking fo them. Hope this helps.

Well known problem
Original 146 deck too low. Tool modified and in process draft lost on cockpit coaming lip. Supposedly re-worked and fixed. Not! Sell the POS!