Old Town Cayuga 146

I had always wanted an OT Cayuga 146 especially after reading the reviews. To be 100% honest I was too fat to own one… I have lost more than 110 lbs and have maintained that since 2013. I recently put a deposit on 2012 OT Cayuga 146 with a rudder which I will pick up come end of September.

So does anyone on here still paddle one?

Thank you


cayuga 146
I sold mine. It was an OK boat. If I remember correctly it did not have much glide. It did see action at Blue Mountain Lake!

Enjoy your new boat.

Blue Mountain Lake
Where can you launch on BML? Ive read and re-read the reviews on paddling.net on the Cayuga 146. From what I gather it seems to be an decent boat. But I guess I will have to just wait and see.

Thank you for the comments, I appreciate it…


Cayuga 130
I’ve had a Cayuga 130 since 2010 and still enjoy it. Good luck with your new boat & congrats on the weight loss.


Cayuga 130
Hey Rick, thank you… The 130 is a nice boat… I like my Pungo 140 so I went with another 14 ft…


Blue Mountain lake
I was staying at Prospect Point so we launched right at the cabin. I believe there is a place to launch in town.

Thank you! BML is on my to do list…