Old Town Cayuga

I was at the NE Paddlesport event in NH last weekend and they were selling alot of the Old Town Cayugas…if anyone has paddled one, what do you think?? (I checked the reviews and there are only 2 old ones.)

I’m looking for something to do lakes, rivers—10-15 mile flatwater day trips. My husband has a WS Tsunami and my Loon 111 is just a bit too slow going with him and the kayak club.

Any Cayuga paddlers out there??
Does anyone have any info on this kayak?


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I can see that the people who purchased OT Cayugas at the NE Paddle Show are not avid pnetters. :)

My Dad has an Adventure XL, and although he loves the comfort, it is slow. And I see online that the Cayuga, whether 14.6 or 16 feet, is 24 and 24.5 inches in beam, respectively. That is fairly wide, and I think will make little improvement on either your skills as a paddler -- bracing, sculling, etc.-- or on your speed to catch up to the group.

As you are advancing rapidly in the sport, and have wonderful ideas about fantasy paddling Mystic Seaport (wow, good for you, I love it there, NE native here), perhaps a well fitted 16 -17 foot plastic sea kayak (WS Tempest 165, Prijon Catalina, for instance) with a 21 to 22.5 inch beam would be more suited for your style and love of paddling.

Just a thought. You (and likely your husband) describe a lifestyle that might be moving away from the Loons and Tsunamis into something that requires a tad more skill to use (turns, etc), but will reward with speed, distance, efficiency and fun. Save the current boats for creekers, small rivers, photography, loaners -- they will still have a well earned placein your hearts -- but have something slightly more dynamic for exciting shoreline and inlet paddles. It's all about the fun.


search wilderness systems

Here’s a link I found in the archives

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about the boat you mention.


Wait a sec, pod, that is you asking the same question. Twice. You really seem to want one of these unpopular, wide beamed tweener rec boats, especially when you saw them selling like hotcakes to all the paddling newbies at the NE Paddlefest... so might as well go for it before you lose any more sleep on it. It's only money.