Old Town Cayuga

Ok so I paddled a new Cayuga at a demo in late March. I ordered one now I am being told they are backordered. My question is has anybody heard about any manufacturing problems with the “new” layered system, or could it really take over a month to build a Kayak? I am just worriewd there are problems and am just being told it is a back order problem!

Also ordered a Cayuga…
I also ordered a Cayuga 146…about a month ago…and was also told by the dealer (in New Hampshire) that Old Town was running way behind. As of today, they still don’t have a date for when my kayak will be in.

i just bought an old town dirigo 140 from this palce, and they still have several cayugas in stock. Prolly cheaper than what youre getting too, I shopped for 4 months before I found these guys to be bout 100-150 dollars cheaper.


I was thinking about one…
… but wasn’t sure on the cockpit size. I am 6’2" and like to just plant my butt in the seat and then shove my legs into the front, which I do with my Adventure XL.

Can this be done with the Cayuga or does someone my length have to slide into it?

Yeah, I bought a boat from that guy
… the Ozark guy in Missouri. Nice guy. Good shipping rates. Mine was a “second” but I knew exactly what was wrong with it (a small blemish and blurred logo, neither of which I’m terribly concerned about). I got a great price because of those little imperfections. He sells first quality boats also but I was just looking for a rec boat to use for guests so this suited my needs perfectly. He’s super nice and easy to do business with.

you would probably have to slide into a cayuga… its a pretty tight fit.

Thanks Bob
May try one out anyway. If I butter myself up I may get used to it.


Factory store
If you live within driving distance try the factory store. I drove 6 hours to the store and it was well worth it the price listed on the boat was I think 800 and I talked them down all the way to 600.

is where I ordered mine from, I am 5’11-225 and also have an Adventure 160, you have to slide into the cayuga but it’s worth it. I have to hold the seatback down with one hand and sit on the rear of the cockpit then go in one foot at a time.

Old Town saw this message…
After reading this posting, Old Town’s customer service person sent me an email on May 1, asking the specifics on my back-orderd Cayuga…I responded, and got a call today that it is in!