Old Town Diligo?

I am new at Kayaking, went to Gander Mountain and saw this Kayak. Little info about me:

I am a 53 year old woman. Wanted something I could handle as I am single and go with other single women. I liked this Kayak due to its size, 10 ft. 6 ", has a dry hatch, comfortable to sit in. I have been on slow running river twice now with it. Basically pleased with it. For a beginner, I think it handles well. Anybody else have experience with this Kayak? It seems pretty stable. Haven’t tipped it yet, not difficult to keep it straight. Will I be happy with it for hopefully years to come?

Sure you will . . . .
Just don’t listen to a word anyone here says.

The Dirigos
are great boats, very comfortable and very capable. My best friend purchased two, one for him and one for his girlfriend, before I purchased my own kayak. I went out with him in the Dirigos a couple of times, and that helped to get me hooked on kayaking. While they weren’t the perfect boat for me I did enjoy them. They seem to track very well for a 10’6" boat, but still easy to maneuver. They have been great on the smaller creeks and streams we paddle as well as smaller lakes with wind.

As long as you are comfortable in it, happy with the boat and how it performs then there is no reason you should not get many years of happy use out of it.

Happy paddling…

Old Town builds good kayaks and
canoes. The Dirigo will serve you well. It may not be the fastest kayak on the block, but speed isn’t everthing. You may want to see if lessons are available in your area. They will help you become more familiar with the kayak teach you paddling skills, and you’ll learn about water safety and self rescue.

Good Choice
I chose the Loon over the Dirigo but it was almost the flip of a coin. As mentioned, not the fastest kid on the block but a great rec boat. When I test paddled the Dirigo, I was surprised at how well it tracked for a short boat. Enjoy!

Dirigo v. Loon
The Dirigo has a cupholder. So that was its selling point for my wife, who paddles a Dirigo 120. My son likes his Loon 120.

I agree that you get more value for money with the Old Town line when it comes to Recreational kayaks. I’m not too sure about their new low end models, like the Voyager line. I was interested in picking up a Voyager 111 as a spare boat, because it is the same mold as the discontinued Loon 111, which I think is one of the best Rec boats ever designed. But the Voyager line is single layer PE, and the one I saw in the store was already seriously warped.

But thumbs up for the Loon and Dirigo lines. You may some day decide you want a narrower longer boat with better tracking and more speed. But everyone who keeps paddling for very long wants more boats with different characteristics.

I can vouch for that!!
I had an OT Scout canoe and an Acadia 12.5 yak for the first 4 years of my paddling. This summer I have lost my mind and added a OT Loon 120, Dagger Approach, and a WS Tsunammi 125. Now I have to accesorize them all. I’m going to have some serious fun if I don’t end up in the poorhouse first. LOL


dirigo 14.5 here
very happy so far. its been in HEAVY use since mid march (I go every weekend at least once for a 15 or so mile trip)

I can fit more gear than I need, even for multi day trips

only downside for me is it is a bit on the heavy side, but its very tough and has served me great so far.

Love the large open cockpit, but ask me mid january I might say different ( I paddle year round regardless of weather)

I looked at one . . . .
'Still considering it. It had the optional child seat in it. It removes w/ one screw, but doesn’t leave any footroom when it’s in. I thought about using it w/ my 5yr old son. Any experience there or thoughts?

I am very happy with my Dirigo 120 and
purchased it after owning a Loon for a year. The Dirigo is a bit heavy (54 lbs for the 120) but its very stable and comfortable for me.

kid seat
took it out, threw it away, never looked back

the open cockpit is great, and your 5yo could sit there comfortably. The seat is a POS in my opinion. Find a retailer around you that sells them (cabellas and bass pro shops near me have em) and take a look. Great idea, but poorly executed. kid wouldnt be comfortable, and its downhill from there.

with a little modification, or just getting him a pillow or cushion it would be great.

great boat… got mine here.


great guy and by far the cheapest i found and I searched for about 6months

Thanks for the input.
It does look like a nice idea, but I’ve seen one at a retailer, and my inexperienced instinct matched exactly with your informed opinion. It seemed a little cheap, and didn’t look like enough room for my legs . . . .

oh theres more than enough room
if you are solo.

speaking from my 14.5 dirigo… I can barely reach the far forward hatch/cupholder withoud leaning way forward.

the large open cockpit is pretty nice, alot of room, comfortable, easy to stretch out.

If you got the kid a pad or something to sit on, I would see no prob in having wnough room for 2 of you.