Old Town Dirigo 120 and roll

Just curious, has anyone rolled, or tried to, and roll a dirigo back up while staying in it?

Old Town Dirigo 120 and roll
Not likely the greatest boat to learn in, but I’m sure it can be done. I’ve rolled a Loon with an enormous cockpit pretty easily. However, I seriously doubt I could have learned how-to in it. Good luck. Go with the extended paddle (Pawlata) roll first.

Old Town Dirigo 120 and roll
Wow, a loon? I can see that wouldnt be the easiest of rolls.

You rolled a Loon?
How did you get it ot go over in the first place?

Pungo yes, Dirigo no.
The trick is keeping your butt in the seat and not just falling out. I rigged SOT style thigh straps under the deck, and it worked great. I did, however, learn to roll in a kayak made to roll first.


Old Town Dirigo 120 and roll
The key to rolling any boat is a good fit. With most Old Towns (no proper Thigh braces) you have to get your knees jammed up under deck in order for it to work well - very uncomfortable in a Loon but not bad in a Castine. I’m not too familiar with the Dirigo, but assuming it has a way-too-tall seat back, that’s also going to cause you some grief. Besides not being able to lean back effectively, it also forces you to wear the sprayskirt over your PFD - not ideal. I made a lower replacement for my Castine. Unless you intend to capsize on purpose, in a boat without good thigh bracing, you will likely fall out of it.

so instead of rolling…
make sure i can get back in by myself if i get seperated from my boat.