Old Town Dirigo 120 seat problem

I have a Dirigo 120 and really like it. It tracks well and handles the wind nicely. I like to fish so those are pretty important traits. The one problem I have is with the seat. The adjustable height tabs on the seat sometimes come loose. The seat ends up loose on the hull. Anyone else have this problem?

This has
been a problem from the start. O/T knows and has made new side towers that will hold the seat in better. However we have found that if you take a big plastic zip wire tie. Put it through the pivit spot and around and back through the slot above were your seat is in. Then pull the zip tight and cut off the extra. It holds the seat in place without getting in the way of anything. We are now doing that with all the boats with the Extrasport seat just in case.

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What a simple solution…
Thank you! I was dreaming up all kinds of elaborate holders and pads.

Glad I could help
Just wait. After the big kayak companies put the small shops out of business. By low ball selling to all the big box stores. There won’t be anyone out there to figure out how to fix there screw ups!!! Good Journey’s


Do you have a photo
I am a relatively new Dirigo 120 owner and I’m not sure what you are referring to ??

I don’t
but I can take one this Saturday when I go into work. I usually only work the weekends. Here’s a better discription.

If you look, The bottom of the seat hindges on an angled plastic piece. That piece fits(snaps) into the slots on the side pieces that are bolted from the top. The problem is some of these aren’t staying snaped into place(in the slots). And they keep popping out. So we have found that if you take a large plastic wire tie(the kind you use to bundle wires)

Put one end through the hole were the pivit point is. (The hindge on the bottom part of the seat) feed it through that hole.

Then back to the front by going through the back of the slot above the one your seat is snaped into.

Then connect the tie and pull the zip tight. This should keep the seat from being able to unsnap.

Then just cut the tag end off to get it out of the way. If your real good you can do it backwards and have the tag end on the inside behind the side bracket. And not even see the clip part of the wire tie. I’ll try and take some picture Saturday while I’m at work and post them that night.

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