Old Town Dirigo 120

Wanna get into kayaking mainly for fishing but te occasional heavy creek paddle as well. Was looking initially, at the Old Town Dirigo XT120 angler. However, to cut down on cost, I was thinking of simply going with a standard Dirigo 120 or XT120 and adding a single flush mount, & setting up my own anchor trolley.

Thoughts and advice are well appreciated. I’m 6’1" 250lb

good boat
I’m 6’4 and 210 and fit no problem in my old dirgo (it’s my bro in law’s now). I had the base model and added my own accessories as well, I prefer it that way. I uses scotty deck mounts (non- flush type), one on the back and one on the front dash area. The base model still has the slot molded in the dash to accommodate a rod holder base. As for anchor, I just used a standard anchor with the line wrapped around my deck cleat.

that’s my boat
I have the older base model with the smaller cockpit.

I find the Dirago 12 is the right length for day-trips and weekend camping and is very forgiving.

I’ve even done river racing in the thing and added a foreward bulkhead and hatch. see: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/157289

I used to have a bolt-on rod-holder but as i rarely fish, I gave it away but see no problems with adding a flush-mount or even above-deck holder. Just be certain to silicon the mount to prevent leaks. though unless you are catching majow waves that wash over your deck, why bother.

go for it!

I have a 140
The salesman said that I “needed” it because I’m 6 feet and 220. My wife got to 120. I like the 120 better. The dash is useably close it handles nicer and tracks just as well. The 140 IS faster. Like a lot. I was suppressed at the difference. Other than that, I like the 120 better in every way. It’s also a lot lighter: easier to put on the car.