Old Town Dirigo repair

An unfortunate trailering incident has punched a hole in the side of the bow of one of our Adventure Camp kayaks - a Dirigo 120. The O.T. website describes this hull as a 3-layer layup - 2 poly with a foam core.

The hole is about 2" in diameter, and the busted out material is still slightly attached. It is about a foot in from the front of the boat.

I am looking for repair suggestions. A search of the archives for fixing this particular boat did not turn up anything. I did not find anything on a quick look at the O.T. website, either.

Thanks a lot.

Jim from WI Adventure Camp

Call Old Town. They have repair kits. Vaughn Fulton

Easy fix
provided you have the right equipment. A shop with a Drader Gun (polyethylene welder) can fix it easily. If you could get it to a shop with such, or back to Old Town, it’ll be no problem. Aesthetics will be compromised, but it’s definitely fixable.

Shops out there: Get one of these tools and get good with it and…provide a super service that will pay for itself!

resin repair
if all else fails for repairs …try this …


seen the stuff used to repair drill holes in poly kayaks @ a show …it may work for you …but it’s expensive stuff, but so is a new kayak …good luck

Call Old Town and get the…
…repair kit.


And the link is …

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Click on the 3-rd item for poly repair. Never tried it so I have no idea if it works