Old Town Discovery 174


I’m fairly new to canoeing (I used to go out all the time as a kid and now occasionally rent them) but was recently offered a used Old Town Discovery 174 from a coworker for next to nothing and am not quite sure what to expect.

I’m primarily interested in canoeing in lakes and slow moving rivers and will always be doing it with someone. The canoe is longer than what I was planning on but I still think I’ll take it.

How much of beast will this be when I take it out? I’ve never been in one over 15 1/2 feet :slight_smile:


Next to nothing?
Who cares about the rest. Just get it and get back into paddling. If you can’t stand it, get something else later and keep this one for friends, or sell it, or donate it to a worthy group.

The important thing is to get out there while it’s still summer and enjoy the water.

'Have fun . . . .

174 Discovery
This is the best paddling of the whole Discovery family. It is big, it is heavy, and it may oil can a bit without a load on the hull bottom. But it is very stable, very seaworthy, and will haul a huge load. It is the fastest of the Discoveries, and tracks very well. With its angled stems it is very dry in waves, and is deep enough at the center to handle big water. It is not as good in whitewater as the similar length Royalex/Oltonar Tripper, but is more efficient on flatwater.

If you can lift it when you need to, it will serve you well on the water. Its weight like all Discoveries is its biggest drawback.


Girl Scouts are always looking for good
used canoes. For some reason, no one donates canoes to the girls, just the Boy Scouts.

Hey Bill
Saw you made it in. Congrats!

We did too.

Train hard now.



See you at the 90 miler
Big group in C-4 this year and Brian finally split it by sex; yes, no, and maybe.

If the classes stay unchanged till start time, you and Nanci will bring home no worse than 2nd just by finishing. Can’t say the same for us with 11 boats in C-4 Mixed. It will be some fierce competition and thats not us, we’re the happy boat.

Wish Charlie was going to be among us,


I owned a Disco 174. The only drawback was its weight. If you’re not portaging, go for it.