Old Town Discovery vs Saranac

Trying to choose between a Discovery 146 and a Saranac. Will be using it for fishing on lakes and ponds, primary solo, although want to take my kids out sometimes. Also plan on adding a trolling motor.
I love the seats and storage on the Saranac but I think the Discovery might be a better solo canoe. Any advice?? Thank you!

Go with the Discovery. Three-layer roto-molded polyethylene is simply a better construction method than thermo-formed single layer polyethylene. It results in a more rigid hull, and affords much more flexibility in terms of replacing or repositioning seats, and installing new seats. You can also paddle the Discovery solo by sitting on the bow seat facing the stern. You can’t sit backwards on those roto-molded seats in the Saranac. Both are heavy but the Saranac is even heavier. Just make sure that the Discovery hull bottom is not badly hogged.

I agree. Any canoe that dictates how you will sit lacks versatility.
At least you can kneel in the Disco to lower your center of gravity if you get caught in heavy waves. The Saranac does not allow that.

You could also drop in a third seat for solo if needed putting you in better control close to the center in the Disco. Bring in your own cooler. That allows you to shove it way forward for ballast if soloing backwards on the bow seat.

On a similar note as the recommendations regarding seats, built-in storage is a gimmick which will never suit your needs as well as such basic items as gear bags (even waterproof boating bags) and/or a cooler of your choice. Along with that, built-in storage makes less efficient use of space than any other method you can provide yourself, and it weighs more, and it especially weighs more on those trips where you don’t have any use for it in the first place, because when it’s attached to the boat you can’t leave it at home. And as already mentioned, your own storage devices can be placed at any location within the boat, and that’s an advantage too.

Hi, i’m french so i can be sorry for my English level :smiley: I am not sure between Saranac and Guide 147, witch are approximately 150€ price difference, and this topic help me in my choice. Did you have some advices in my choice ? Thank you guys !