Old Town Egret Cowling Trim

I am trying to locate a vendor to buy a piece of the black flexible vinyl trim that goes around the inside edge of the cowling area on my 14’ Old Town Egret. Anybody know where you can buy this stuff or have a suggestion I can use as an alternative?

Are you barking your shins on the
exposed edge of the cockpit?

If there isn’t a functional issue, I wouldn’t waste time looking for the stuff. You can take all of it off and carefully sand the inside rim smooth.

Didn’t Know That!
Great idea! I didn’t know I could do that. Any idea about the grit and type of sandpaper I should be using? Is it best to sand plastic wet or dry?

I would sand it dry. You might even be
able to use a very small plane, or a little curved Stanley Sureform. The main thing is to get it smooth so it doesn’t bark your shins.

Now, if you should be around some big ww or sea kayak dealer, you may be able to get the right material. But there’s nothing essential about it, it’s just to look smooth and feel smooth.