old town expedition or discovery

does anyone know what the difference is between the expedition and the discovery ?

i’m looking at a new ‘expedition 169’ @ basspro for 700 bones…

i see on the site here no listing for the expedition, but the discovery (which has a much higher price point) appears to have the same specs.

what am i missing ?

not missing a thing …
… the Old Town Diso 169 and Bass Pro’s Old Town Expedition 169 are the “exact” same canoe in every aspect except the stickered model name .

There is an exclusive (to Bas Pro) colour scheme that can be had in the Expedition (other than the standard red or green) … it is like a strange black and white mix , though I’ve not seen it .

The OT Expedition 169 at Bass Pro being 300. less than OT’s msrp for the Disco 169 makes for an attractive deal … further , if you sign up for the Bass Pro credit card , they give you 10% off your 1st purchase (that’s their policy , all stores) .

Prior to 07 , Bass Pro sold the canoe with the Disco stickered name on it .

If you decide to buy an Expedition 169 from Bass Pro , email me so I can tell you how to check it out to make sure it’s not twisted .

Yes, looks like exactly the same to me. I hadn’t really thought about it too much until you brought it up. But it looks like Old Town sells the Disco in a number of different manifestations for different retailers.

You already mentioned Bass Pro Shop’s “Expedition 169” - http://www.basspro.com/Old-Town-Expedition-169-Canoe-Green/product/10227667/-1028335#prodDescription

LL Bean calls it the “West Branch 169”, same Disco with fancier seats - http://www.llbean.com/llb/shop/69057?feat=1102-GN2

Dick’s calls it the “Guide 169” - same Disco with a camo paint job - http://www.dickssportinggoods.com/product/index.jsp?productId=11554811&cp=4406646.4413993.4417832.4417833

I wonder why they do that? Maybe the retailers think that the name “Discovery” is somewhat tainted due to the ubiquitousness of Discos in rental fleets. Makes me a little cynical about the marketting involved here.

I guess that black and white …

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...... colour scheme isn't exclusive to Bass Pro after all ... I don't like it now that I see it , funky looking to me .

Also wasn't aware Dick's and L.L.Bean were doing the Disco 169 with their special name on it either .

I think Bass Pro's 630. (considers 10% discount) before tax is an attractive price for a new 169 ... plus you can get other stuff on that 1st credit card purchase , like Exrasport PFD's , Reese canoe loader , etc. and they still give the 10% off of anything on that 1st sales ticket ... adds up .

Just don't buy any wooden paddles from Bass Pro now a days , they don't carry anything in wood that will make you satisfied , too thick , too heavy . I bought a couple Carlisle 8" Beavertails from Bass Pro in 06 but they don't have those anymore ... but you can get them direct from Old Town to your door , over the phone . I like them .

Bass Pro for canoes?
Not sure I’d buy anything canoe related from Bass Pro Shop, but maybe that’s being too snobby. I suppose Disco’s ARE easy to rent and test paddle most places, so its not like you have to buy completely sight unseen. And you’re right, that camo pattern is aweful - definitely clashs with Old Town’s otherwise classy, understated style.

yeah maybe it’s a bit too snoby …

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...... but then again you probably don't do things like we do so they may not have what will be the cats meow for your purposes .

Reece canoe loader , no easier way to load a large canoe on top the truck ... Extra Sport PFD's good stuff rugged and well made , comfortable ... Seal Line dry bags , I like their softer and more flexable material models best ... a river anchor , best there is for a canoe ... Carlisle Golden Light (green plastic and gold anodized metal) , basic paddle (light , strong and powerful w/T grip) , used for paddling and abusing rocks with ... rods , reels and fish stuff - used for fishing out of a canoe because that's what canoe's are made for , lol ... and of course the all famous Old Town 169 that gets you where it all happens out there on the water ... plus a no questions asked return policy ... plus majorly discounted prices when possible .

If someone is looking for a speedy top of the line fancy canoe to perfect their paddling technique in , Bass Pro ain't the place .

Take a good look at it
I have seen some old towns that are supposed to be the same model, but a different name for a big box store like dicks that the hull design is the same, but it was done with cheaper/less plastic, cheaper parts, seats, etc. So really look closely when you compare them

for the OT Expedition 169 …
… it’s the “exact” same canoe as the OT Discovery 169 . Made in the same mold , same materials and processes . Some will get stickered Expedition , some will get stickered Discovery , doesn’t matter which canoe gets which model name stickered on it . Only possible diff. is that Expedition will not get the web seats as a few Discos will have .

This is what OLd Town will tell you if you call and ask them , straight from the gang in the shop … no difference at all .

Pilotwingz question
Pilotwingz, I am considering the purchase of a OT Expedition 169 and I noted several of your comments on how to check if it is twisted before you purchase the canoe with a string. Would you be so kind and share that tip with me? If needed my cell # is 859-750-5800 Bart