Old Town Expedition Storm 169

I recently purchased an Old Town Expedition Storm 169. It has the Storm paint scheme, but otherwise appears to be a Discovery 169. I haven’t been able to find anything about this canoe on the Old Town Website, Bass Pro Website or the net. Ive also never seen another one. Anyone out there have one, or some information on this great canoe?

Isn’t that a Penobscot 164 with the “storm” paint job?

one our canoes is an Expedition 169

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...... standard green color .

In late 06 we purchased a Disco 169 from Bass Pro but it began to show some problems . Always seemed to want to lean to the left , and also oil canning began early on and just got worse and worse .

Due to the canoes want to lean left even with severe countering (and originally believed it was just us as a new tandem team needing a learning curve) , I had decided to check the symetry of the canoe with a string line and tape measure ... it was out pretty bad , the canoe had a twist in it . I was reasonably certain from observing the canoe (after the fact unfortunately) that this was going to be the case , but wasn't terribly concerned about it until the oil canning began and progressed .

Brought this to the attention of Bass Pro (after speaking with Old Town) and they said they would replace the canoe if I wished .

So one day we loaded it up and took it back to the store after calling and saying we were coming in with the boat , they said come on they have others in stock now .

When we got there , the only replacement they had available was the floor model . That didn't bother me too much either , but I took my string line and tape to the store with me because I wasn't about to leave with another twisted or out of symetry canoe ... the floor model failed the test and our canoe stayed on the truck .

This time I made certain the manager put it down in writing for us ... they will replace whenever I want to and they have stock .

When the season was over and the next spring started up I chose again to have them make good the exchange .
Took the canoe back again because they told me there were several in stock to pick from .

They tried the floor model thing again , tested it and didn't want that one . Then the two guys said they would get another from the back room . They disappeared and did not return so we went looking for them and came across the manager .

They will be back shortly , there were no more canoes in the store and these guys went off to a nearby storage facilty to bring some more back ... Oh , OK ??

They did come back with a big box truck that had 3 bubble wrapped Expeditions inside it .

The 3rd one we unwrapped and checked for symetry was absolutely perfect ... it paddles great , we love it in the river , it's great on flat water too .

Chose the Disco/Expedition 169 originally because it was what I wanted for us ... big , stable , beasty , roomy fishing canoe for the mountain rivers ... had previous experience in other canoes , Old Town models too (that were lighter) , but short of a Tripper 17' the Disco/Expedition 169 has been a good decision .

It seems that the Expedition 169 (according to Old Town by phone) is made exclusively for Bass Pro now in place of the prior Disco line .

This Expedition seems to have a slightly more arched bottom , though on hot days and warm water conditions is now beginning to oil can "just a little" also , though nothing like the other Disco 169 we had originally which went sour almost immediately .

Has Old Town done something different to these Expedition 169's for Bass Pro compared to the standard Disco line ?? ... don't know , but this Expedition seems to have a more arched bottom , slight rocker is evident , much much stiffer resistence to oil canning (the symetry is straight on because I made sure of that 2nd time around) , and the seats are located in a different (more aft) position than the other Disco ... is it a Disco or an Expedition ??