Old Town guide 119

I’m looking for a good fishing canoe for use on farm ponds and mountain lakes. I need something big enough for me, my dog and fishing gear and that one man can handle. But I don’t want it too big. (I just sold my 17 foot Old Town Discovery. Great canoe but too big for me.)It must be a stable fishing platform and not be too high priced. Weight is a big concern since I go to isolated places and have to do some portage. I’m looking at the Old Town Guide 119 and am wondering if anybody has any experience with this canoe. Suggestions for other canoes would be helpful.

Does 119 mean 11’ 9" ? In that case,
for the load you describe, you might go up a couple of feet. 14 feet.

older model
I have a 20 year old OT119 with a wood and wicker seat. It is a fairly heavy boat for its length (46 lbs) due to the heavier guage plastic. The upside is that it is nearly indistructable. It will comfortably carry 250 lbs so it will likely hold you and the dog. I use it as a fly fishing platform. It is very stable. Due to its length it does not track very well and is sensitive to wind. It is pretty slow and a couple of miles in a 20 mph wind is a real chore. But it has served me well for getting around on small lakes and ponds.


Discovery 119
I have an Oldtown Guide 147 tandem (its actually for sale) and a Discovery 119 Solo (also for sale).

To compare them, I like the ridiculous amount of initial stability in the Guide. I can easily stand up in it to flycast without even thinking about it. Its a great hull for fishing or for tooling about on a lake in. Its too wide to be very fast and I don’t like the short bow and stern, it takes on water in wakes.

The Disco is a better boat unless you want to fish. It handles better, is faster and doesn’t get worked in the waves. It does have less initial stability so it feels “tippier”


i found my OT Guide tippy
14’9" i sold it in 2 weeks.

Guide 119
I have the discovery 119, same exact boat.

It is stable, I did lower the seat 3" in the back and 1 1/2 in the front. I got dowel rods and drilled the center out, then installed the new longer nuts and bolts. I use mine for camping. It is stable, and light. use a double paddle from mohawk for normal river paddling and keep a single for tight places.

You can go to the Gear Guide on P net and then select the product reviews, canoes Old Town and see what the other owners have to say about the Disco 119.

I have an old town 119K i am selling.

not the same canoe
flip them over and see the difference. the disco is stable compared to that guide.