Old Town Guide 12 foot

I ran across one for salebut the guy selling it doesn’t know much about it other than its fiberglass. Is this an older version of the “Pack”?

Any info would be appreciated?



Old Town didn’t do cheap work when
they did fiberglass. They didn’t do particularly light work, either. You should be able to see the pattern of the fibers on the inside of the hull. Fiberglass cloth looks like crossweave cloth, while in cheaper “chopper-gun” construction, you will see a quasi-random orientation of relatively short fibers.

I recall Old Town even doing some balsa sandwich construction back in the 70s, but I don’t know how it stood up.

Anyway, if you can lift the boat fairly easily, and if it has that crossweave cloth pattern on the inside of the hull, maybe it’s a good buy.

balsa sandwich
bet those tasted awful.

it’s really cheap, I would hold out for a royalex one. They weigh 33lbs and used are pretty cheap. I just bought one for $375 and missed out on one going for about $150 on paddling.net.

By the way, they are a nice boat. I weigh 245lbs and it works for me.