Old Town Guide 147 / Trolling Motor

Anyone out there have any suggestions for what trolling motor to use on an Old Town Guide 147. I’ll be fishing lakes, slow rivers, and saltwater marsh areas. Also, what battery to go with.

thanks in advance.


I’ve got
40 thrust Minn Kota Riptide (salt water) with AGM (dry) battery size 27 (the heaviest one) and it works beautiful.

check out this on the fishing board …

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...... see rickers "Trolling motor on kayak" in this thread .

if you do the remote control like rickers set up (no reason why you can't) .... that's a big plus .... we use a remote bow mount on the bow , rickers uses a bow mount on the stern .


I have a discovery canoe that I use for fishing (along with a couple of kayaks). I use a 3 hp gamefisher motor which pushes it along quite well. It is noisey so i usually paddle around once I get to a good fishing spot and then power up again to get to the next. I do troll with the motor at times and catch quite a few this way. I think the noise might bother me more than the fish.

I want to get
the same boat above for the motor. The Adventure 14 I own is made of plastic and it flexes under the motor mount and sometimes I have to catch the motor in the air.

Besides I’d have much more capacity. You own the canoe?

Check you state laws

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in some states if you put a motor of any kind on a canoe you become a motor boat and need to follow those regs. Things like numbers, fire extinguisher and such.