Old Town Guide accessories

I am looking for more accessories for an old town guide 147. Is there any manufacturers of aftermarket equipment and rigging?

Check piragis.com under their canoe
accessories section. They have been fairly quick filling orders for me, and they have a pretty wide selection of convenience accessories.

Try your local paddle shop or NRS
There are lots of canoe accessories. I’d start with a bleach bottle with the bottom cut out as a bailer. Then add floatation bags if you do open water or white water. Then you could add a kneeling pad or remove a seat and add a kneeling thwart instead.

And finally if you are interested in making your 147 into an excellent rowboat then send me an email and I’ll tell you where to get the special secret stuff rowers need.

OT does not offer the accessories that I am looking for. I am doing a lot canoeing on big rivers and dealing with enormous wake from barges. I need a way to rig my dry bags and gear so that they will not shift, at all. Pobably the same stuff a white water boater would use. Mad River has a great system but it is not compatible with ot boats.