Old Town Guide. Price check & info.

Old Towne Guide 14’5” BRAND NEW canoe – never been in the water! Green in color.

Can someone give me an idea of an appropriate price for this beast?

Do they make a decent solo canoe for lakes & slow rivers? Would it be an OK moose hunting canoe on those waters (carrying capacity)?

Old Town Guide
When I bought mine 500.00 to 550.00 + 75.00 shipping. It is a tough canoe, very stable and heavy at 74 lbs. This is not a very good solo canoe at 39" wide and the molded seats are not good if you plan to paddle from the bow seat solo. I use mine solo with a center seat ( home made )and a double paddle or trolling motor.

Keep the open side up :~)

Guide 147
I had one that cost around $500 new. I enjoyed it very much, tough as nails and not bad to paddle. Soloing this canoe was tough as the seats are molded plastic and didn’t “feel” right when paddled backwards. Though you could install after market web or cane seats. Pretty heavy at 75 lbs. It was an awesome fishing canoe, getting my son and I into some good fish on many occassion. Eventually I traded up to a Penobscot 16 as this could be soloed more easily and was about 20 lbs. lighter.

Thanks guys
This guy is asking $750 so that sounds a little steep, even for Alaska. It’s in Anchorage, so it’s not exactly the bush. After stores open I’ll check local new prices. Even if it’s never been in the water, & think you’d still loose 10-20% off of retail in resale value. Would 10-20% off of local retail sound reasonable?

Got a local price
from Sportsman’s Warehouse.

$499. & they have 4 in stock…

So what would you think this one would be worth?

No way!!
I would not pay $750 for a Guide 147. If that one is used it should be anywhere from 25-50% off of retail price. I sold mine for $375.00 after 3 years of using it. However, if you are considering the one from Sportsman’s thats a good price.

I told the guy what I could get a new one for at SW, & he said he had bought his at REI for considerably more, & since his had never been in the water he’d be willing to match SW’s price but go no lower. He’s 40 miles further from me than SW is! I hope he finds a buyer. If I get one it will be from the dealer, not his.

Pretty good row boat
Put in a center seat or just a box to sit on for rowing. Add oarlocks and you have a pretty good rowboat.