Old Town Guide Series Floats

Found a nice used Old Town Guide 147. I see these canoes have very favorable ratings. If they are flipped while paddling with say an inexperienced wife and over anxious beagle, will they still float?

I.e. will a swamped Old Town Guide float or sink?



It probably won’t sink
if its upside down, but I have seen that and other plastic canoes going downriver right side up a foot or more below the surface unitl they finally get stuck on something. Plastic boats have some natural bouyancy, so chances are it will not go all the way to the bottom before you can catch it.

Careful about meaning of ratings. Most
people tend to give boats they own a favorable rating. I rated two boats I own favorably.

You need to read between the lines of reviews or look for statements acknowledging where a boat has shortcomings.

Also you can ask specifically about a boat on this forum, and you will usually get some negative opinions, which also should be considered cautiously.

As for the sinking thing, isn’t it a foam sandwich? Will float adequately but not wonderfully. I suggest considering a longer boat in the same line. It will be more stable even if no wider.

It will float just as intended.

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But remember the flotation in a canoe (in this case the foal layer in the hull material) is meant to float JUST the canoe and nothing else.

Your PFDs (personal floatation devices) are meant to float you, the wife, and the dog.

The best way to dispel everyone's fears is to get in the empty boat near shore and tip it over intentionally in a controlled manner. Teaches what to do, builds confidence, and and gets the fear of what if out of the way of your enjoyment. Now load your canoe and go enjoy the trip.

I always do this with kids during outings. They love it. Only problem I have run into is they normally want to tip over again as it is so much fun.