Old Town H2 Pro

Anyone know the full specs on a H2 Pro? I’m 200Lbs and am concerned I may be to heavy for one I am considering buying. Looking to use it in Class III water mainly.



No you should be fine

– Last Updated: Jul-09-10 5:38 PM EST –

The H2Pro is a good "big guy's boat". It is pretty dry and user-friendly for beginning whitewater boaters.

13'8" in length, probably around 30" wide at the gunwales with 3.5-4" of rocker and a smoothly-rounded displacement hull. Old Town brought this out in 1990 and only made it for a couple of years as solo open boats were getting shorter by 1993 or so.

I've paddled one a couple of times. Sort of like a Dagger Impulse or Mohawk XL13.

There are some reviews of the boat on this site, which you should read. One fellow who had paddled an Esquif Nitro, Whitesell Piranha, Dagger Caper, and Mohawk Probe compared it quite favorably to those boats.