Old Town H2Pro Questions

-- Last Updated: Apr-27-08 12:20 PM EST --

Need advice on an Old Town H2pro canoe. I have found one for sale and am interested in buying it. How does it do in slow moving rivers i.e. the North Platte? Does it have enough room for a tall paddler? I am 6'7" tall. Can you carry a lot of gear without the flotation bags in it? Also, I have a torn tendon in my knee that I can't kneel on for very long, will this pose a problem for paddling this canoe? Can I paddle it without kneeling? Any further comments or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Pass it up. Unless senility misleads,
the H2Pro was a decent whitewater solo boat. But it is NOT suitable for your purposes. Like other whitewater boats, it is slow, it doesn’t track well, and it really needs to be paddled from a kneeling position.