Old Town Koru...Discontinued

The Old Town Koru was recently discontinued… I was wondering if anyone knew if there was any still for sale New or Used in the New York area… I know they made Carbon and fiberglass versions; I having difficulty locating any in my area. I saw one on Ebay from the Carolinas 1 1/2 years ago… not much luck since…

Well, good luck, but
maybe one reason they were discontinued is that, while the Koru is good, there are Swift, Wenonah, Clipper, etc, canoes that are better.

Have a Swift dealer in your part of New York?

New York is a pretty big state
but I suspect that in the absence of a geographical description the poster is from the city.

There is a Swift dealer just outside of Hartford.

upstate new york willing to travel
Have not been to city in a long time… And the swift brand is exceptional indeed… have paddled many models in old forge ny at paddlefest there… I have an old town canadienne which i enjoy and the Koru was the only model similar that old town has produced since… therefore I am interested in finding one in the new york area prefferably at a discount since opinion of the model is so low…:-)…

It was just discontinued
and had not had a long run at Old Town. I don’t think there was much demand. Long boat with little rocker.

I think its wishful thinking to find many at all for sale as I doubt many were made.

You will notice from the press release that this model ran for only a couple of years.

Good luck. I live two hours from the Old Town factory and have yet to see one.