Old Town Loon 100

My daughter tried kayaking last weekend and used an Old Town Loon 100. I was in the market for one, but it looks like it is no longer made. Is that the case? If so was it replaced with a new model, if so which one or is there an Old Town model that is similar?


The 10 foot boats are all pretty similar. It appears Old Town has replaced the original 100 with the Loon 106. More features but still a rec boat, hence for calm flat water.

Where would you be paddling?

It’s doubtful that a beginner would notice any difference, but the original Loon 100 was a little different from typical 10 foot kayaks. The Loon 100 was 28 inches wide, so two or three inches narrower than most 10 footers and the hull shape is a simple shallow vee flattening out in the middle - similar to a tiny canoe. I think the load capacity was 225 lbs, so a little lower than most. It’s the first kayak I ever bought and I still have it. Because of its lower width and hull shape, I find that it tracks and glides better than other 10 footers I’ve been in.

I don’t know of a current model that’s similar, but that really may not be a factor for your duaghter.

Celia and Wolf,

Thank you both for your input. We found an Old Town Loon 106 for her.