Old Town Loon 111 seat question

Hi all - I am interested in a Loon 111 but haven’t seen one in person. My bf has a Loon 138, and the seat is mounted on bars so it can slide forward and back. Can anyone tell me if the new Loon 111’s have this feature? I saw a couple other new Loons at a local store, and there seats were in permanent positions rather than on bars.

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Loon 111
I think the Loon 111 “Classic” has the adjustable seat (fwd/back on rails). My '05 Loon 111 has the sliding seat, but for '06 I think it has to be the “Classic”. OT sells a sport version called the Voyager and it has the fixed seat.

IF you want an OT Loon with the sliding seat…you need to find the ‘classic’ model. (I have 2) They have the seat mounted on rails. Gives you about 16 inches worth of adjustment fore and aft. But as a word of advice… Seat should be forward enough so that the boat ‘trims’ properly, given your weight and the load you may be carrying. I see too many people who slam the seat all the aft on the rails and then try to paddle the boat with the aft deck almost awash. Keep your center of gravity toward the middle for the easiest paddling and proper handling. Then move the foot pegs to what’s comfortable, given the seat position.

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thank you for your fast answers! I was wondering why the Voyager and the Loon 111 Classic had such a significant price difference, that explains a lot. Now, if only the Loon 111 Classic had a drink holder in the seat like the others! :slight_smile:

The Loon 111 has the seat on a rail system. The voyager has a fixed seat. The hulls on both boats are the same as they come from the same molds. The differance is the Loon is of polylink 3 and the Voyager is a solid poly. Also there is no real weight differance between them.

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Loon 111
As mentioned earlier, you must get the Classic Loon 111 to get the sliding seat. It’s a great boat. My wife paddles one and loves it. I also paddle a loon 138. I’m 6’4" and it is a perfect handling boat. I think you’ll find the whole Loon series for 2006 is nothing more than the original Casco series. They have much smaller cockpits and aren’t nearly the boats that the original Loon series was. Don’t know why Old Town couldn’t leave a good boat alone. They have also eliminated the forest green color and gone to a lime-like green…it’s awful!!!

Are you near Keene NH?
Sam’s Outdoor Sports in Swansey had 4 leftover CASCOS 120 which is this years Loon 120 for $415! I bought one!